About Travis Carter

Travis is one of the most Aussie blokes you will meet and is one of the rare Stay at home Fathers after been involved in a serious motorbike accident. Born in Leeton, NSW, He moved to WA at a very young age. Having grown up with his 2 older brothers, Mother and Her partner. Travis has spent most of his early life in and around the Brand area. Growing up in Mandurah, Travis has played many club sports in the Mandurah and Rockingham areas, His early employment in the Construction industry saw him helping to build houses around the Rockingham and Southern Suburbs of Perth. He has travelled extensively in and out of Brand and is very familiar with problems caused by overloading of Infrastructure and uncontrolled growth, and the pressure it puts on the existing Roads, Hospitals, Schools and Police. He is Married with 3 children, one living with his ex-wife, the other 2 living with Him and his amazing wife Loanne. Been a very open and strait forward person, Travis has great concerns with the impact that Political Correctness is having on the Education system and employment opportunities for his family and the other young families in the Brand Electorate.

After leaving the construction industry Travis worked doing Mine site Security and Drug and Alcohol Testing, and when not doing FIFO he ran a small business as a Wedding Entertainer primary working South of the River. Whilst working FIFO Travis experienced the harsh lifestyle that comes with working away. He has seen how both Labor and Liberal Governments keep looking to extract extra money from those who are working hard to feed their families and get ahead in life. He has seen how these hardworking men and women are constantly been penalised for their dedication to their families. He has seen how more and more site critical jobs are now been given to people who are not the best person for the job but to fill up quotas. Political Correctness has no place in dangerous places of employments, such as Mine sites. Travis will also be working to push for a fairer Tax System and a return for Tax Deductions for those Australians who are prepared to work harder and in harsher conditions for their families.

When Travis was very young, he witnessed his Parents separation and the strain it placed on his family. This strain has been increased by dealings with the Family Law Courts and Child Support Agency. He also experienced going through the failed Family Law Courts System many years later, after his first Marriage ended in separation. These experiences are one of the leading factors that made Travis join the Pauline Hanson One Nation team and help push for a total overhaul of the Family Law Courts and Child Support Agency. To Travis, this is of great importance as its now a matter of life and death to a lot of Fathers out there that feel they have no other option but to take their own lives. This needs to be stop.

In January 2015 Travis suffered a major Motorbike accident where he was blinded by the sun and hit the back of another car, this has left him with damage to his back that affects his ability to walk properly. His amazing wife was forced to go back to work after 3 months of giving birth to their youngest child to make ends meet and has given Travis and his family first hand experience what it is like to live on a Disability Pension and how hard it is for them to pay their bills fortnight to fortnight.