Is Child Abuse and Sexual Assault the real Pandemic within Australian Politics?

With everyone rushing around to look for a cure to the Covid-19 Virus and locking everyone in their homes to prevent its spread I can’t help but to wonder what is the real Pandemic that is affecting the Australia Political System.

Every few months there are reports in the media of this politician being accused of this crime, that candidate being arrested for doing this, Senior Staffer been jailed over historical sex offences. And this month the Australian Politicians have done it again. Greens Candidate Jonathan Doig, who ran against Scott Morrison in the 2019 Federal Election, has being “arrested and charged with 3 child abuse offences, including procuring a child to engage in sexual activity outside of Australia.” As reported by the ABC

Johnathan Doig, supplied by Facebook

It’s reported that he had 352 images that were considered “Child Abuse Material”

He has also spent a staggering $129,224 with Philippine beneficiaries.

The sad thing is, Jonathan is not the first and I highly doubt he will be the last and what I find most alarming is the rate at which these attacks happen. To show you how bad this is, here are some of the more major cases that probably never made it to the media and most people would probably not be aware of.

Bernard Finnigan, Labor Party member was voted in 2010 Election, charged for obtaining access to child pornography and sentenced to a 15month suspended sentence. In total he was charged with 30 different charges, but most were dropped.

Terry Martin, voted in as a Labor Member but was expelled from the party for voting against the Labor Party and became an independent. In 2011 was convicted of creating child pornography and having sex with a 12-year-old girl. Due to his Parkinson’s Disease he got a suspended sentence.

Bill D’Arcy, again a Labor Party member in Queensland. In 2000 Bill was tried and convicted of one charge of Rape, and seventeen other charges of sexual assaults on children in his care as a young teacher. He was sentenced to 11 years in jail.

Keith Wright

Keith Wright, Voted in again as a Labor Party member in Rockhampton South, later becoming the Opposition Leader, he was charged in 1993 for indecently dealing with children and Child Rape. Keith spent 8 years in jail and later moved to Vietnam and started an education school to teach English. I was unable to find out if he continued to abuse children in Vietnam.

And the worsts I could find….

Milton Orkopoulos, Labor Politician from 1999 to 2006. Orkopoulos was the minister for Aboriginal Affairs. In 2006 he was dismissed and was charged with 30 different offences including involvement in Child Prostitution, sexual assault and supplying illegal drugs. On top of that, he was charged with assaulting 2 underage boys and a third young male and using taxpayer’s money to pay a teenage boy to have sex with him. Milton Orkopoulos was sentenced to more than 13 years in jail.

Milton Orkopoulos

Other more famous allegations that have not resulted in convictions include independent Candidate Jarreau Terry who got charged with 8 counts of Child Sex Offences (Unsure of outcome), Phil Edman who was a Liberal MP who was using Taxpayers funds to pay for Strippers and Prostitutes, Geoff Clark who has been plagued by sexual assault charges his entire time in parliament. Finally getting convicted of leading 2 Rape Packs and ordered to pay $20,000 in compensation. Bill Shorten who alleged to have raped a staffer during a 1980s Labor Party conference and possibly to most famous allegation to hit Australian Politics, the cover up by Bob Hawke of his Daughters rape by fellow Labor MP Bill Landeryou. It is alleged that Bob Hawke asked his daughter not to report the rape as it would affect his chances to become the Leader of the Labor Party and ultimately the Prime Minister.

So back to my original question, is there a Pandemic of Sexual Assaults and Paedophilia within the Australian Political system? I think there is, and the only way to stop this Pandemic is to shine a very bright light called Transparency into the lives of Politicians. They are voted in by the Australian People to Represent the Australian People, but if they can not be trusted how can they be our representatives? By allowing all interactions to be recorded and scrutinised we can then make sure that our so-called representatives will act in a truthful and honest way. The next question is, how many of these so-called truthful politicians have nothing to hide?

Article by Travis Carter