Polly on the Tools, Ep 10

Sorry for not putting videos out lately, I am struggling to get good footage because of my accident with the camera…. I’m really missing my camera.

This is an update Video and not much footage of me doing work.

First lot of Caretakers are in, they have done an absolutely amazing job and cant thank them enough. Repairs to the Burntplex has started and as per the Poll about Horizontal or Vertical cladding, Horizontals won it at 65% to 35%. One wall done, just the Capping to go, windows, power, plumbing and gas left to go and the Burntplex will be ready for guests…. Hopefully Feb 2020

Massive shout out to all the people that have donated their time, resources and expertise, I couldn’t of gotten it to the point it is now without all your help!!! Much Love