Does the Victorian Government have what it takes to deal with major emergencies?

On the 25th January 2020 Australia received its first Confirmed Covid-19 case and from there the problems started to snowball to a full-blown pandemic and was arguably out of control. Many people have blamed the Government for not acting fast enough in closing their boarders to China, for not acting fast enough in restricting movements between states and have accused the Government for been asleep at the wheel during this pandemic. Once the Federal Government stepped in and closed the Federal Borders the states finally got their act together and one after the other they all declared a “State of Emergency” and enacted emergency response procedures in a hope to contain the Pandemic, and it was working…

Until the middle of June when new cases of Covid-19 started to come flooding in from Victoria and spreading to New South Wales and now also Queensland with New Daily Infections peaking at over 500 new cases by the end of July and many more death which potentially could have been avoided.

So, looking at the argument “Does the Victorian Government have what it takes to deal with major emergencies?” I don’t think they do. Dan Andrews had the opportunity to do a really good job of this Pandemic, but he was complacent and I feel he made the assumption that he had done enough during this pandemic to coast his way to the next election claiming that he did an “Excellent Job” in saving Victorian Lives. This mindset seams to have flowed down through his Government and dulled their awareness regarding the few cases that were left over in early June 2020.

But this isn’t the first failing of the Andrews Government that has claimed the lives of Victorians.

At the end of 2019 Australia was hit with some of the worst Bushfires in our recorded history, and he handled himself with distinction unlike our Prime Minister Scott Morrison who was on holiday in Hawaii and “Had trouble” getting a flight back to Australia. But could the fires in Victoria of been prevented like the latest outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic? The Andrews government caved into pressure from Greens and other Labor Party powerbrokers to reform legislation around the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV). It is argued that these reforms have resulted in CFA Chief Officer and CEO Steve Warrington resigning from his roll within the CFA. This left a major skill shortage and reduced controlled burn off in outback Australia, which just happened to be some of the worst hit areas in Victoria during the Bush Fire Crisis.

Each of these events on their own are bad enough but when you look at them together, then you add in the bungled Hotel Quarantine Fiasco, refusing the help of the military and using an untrained private security company to handle the Pandemic and quarantine. There begins to be a pattern forming and it paints the Premier of Victoria in a very bad light. It shows that Dan Andrews does not have the foresight to lead the Government and to ensure the safety of its residence. The final straw that could potentially de-thrown the accidental Premier is his reliance on the Chinese Communist Party with the Labor Party reportedly paying the Belt and Road foundation $36,850 in 2017-18 and 2019-20.

In summary I do not feel that Dan Andrews is a leader that can safeguard Victoria, in fact I feel that he is not suitable for the roll as Premier and he should not only step down, but he should also personally be held responsible for the latest outbreak of Covid-19 because of his poor management of his government during this Pandemic.

If you have suffered a loss of Damages during this Pandemic, please remember one thing. Always read the Terms and Conditions and in this case it’s the Emergency Management Act 1986. The part you want to read is section 24(5). Quote “If the property of a person is taken or used under subsection (2)(c) that person may receive such compensation as is determined by the Minister.”

Please send an email to explaining that you would like to be paid compensation for your Loss during this Pandemic and explain how much it has cost you. Also please read all of section 24. It is really important that the people understand their rights

Article by Travis Carter