Should the #BlackLivesMatter Protest be allowed, and can attending the protest be counted as supporting Racism instead of opposing it?

Before answering this question lets catch people up on what #BlackLivesMatter is.

#BlackLivesMatter originally started after the killing of young teen Trayvon Martin. A lot of people in the community believed that the shooting was motivated by racism and was an open attack on the African-American community. #BLM gained a very large following after several violent protests where many of the protesters got arrested.

Today most countries have some form of Human Rights Movement evolving around the BLM movement and focus’s on bringing awareness to Systemic Racism and Violence towards “Black” people. Personally, I think the original intent of #BLM was pure, but over the years it has been hijacked by people who want to use its popularity to cause social disorder and to stir up trouble and fear within the community.

As for the question “should the #BlackLivesMatter protest be allowed?” which was held in Perth at Parliament House, I say “Yes it should”. But on the other hand, do I think there is systemic racism in the community? To a lesser degree, there is, but I don’t think its as big of a problem as the media makes it out to be, but that isn’t the point. The people attending tomorrows Protest believe there is. The great thing about being in Australia, they are free to express that belief that there is systemic racism within Australia and especially the Jail systems and no one should be able to stop them from having their say.

PERTH #BLM PROTEST: A peaceful protest... - 10 News First Perth ...

Now to the 2nd part of my original question, “Can attending the protest be counted as supporting Racism instead of opposing it?”

Yes, it can, and here is why. Unfortunately, in Australia, for years our politicians have had this dire need to show the community how “Woke” they are and how supportive they are of groups that are “Underprivileged”. They have had such a desire to show this wokeness that they go out of their way to discriminate against anyone who isn’t seen as being “Underprivileged”. Prime examples of this is the grant system into creating Emergency Accommodation. If the venue will assisting women in dealing with Domestic Violence or Homelessness, then the government is practically throwing money at them, but if it’s for Men, there is next to nothing out there, and so most emergency accommodation must come from the private sector and it is extremely expensive and near impossible to get into for the men needing assistance.

In the 1990s, if you were an aboriginal child who went to school, you/your family would receive additional welfare payments, access to extra training programs and it even went so far as to reserve education spots at TAFE and Universities. But if you were anything other then Aboriginal, then none of these programs were available to you.

And during more recent times, there has been a massive push to have a seat reserved in Australian Parliament for an Aboriginal Person and ONLY an aboriginal person who will be consulted on issues within the aboriginal communities. These are just some of the programs implemented to assist “Underprivileged” groups within our community.

Now onto the #BLM protest in Perth. Under the Event on Facebook, there is a list “Our 5 Demands to the Australian Government”, number 2 on that list is “Reduce the incarceration rate of aboriginal people”. This indicates that people who are supporting the protest are also supporting these demands and clearly shows that the organisers of the Protest want the Aboriginal People to get preferential treatment to the detriment of everyone else. I’m not the smartest person out there, but isn’t that Racism against everyone who isn’t Aboriginal?

Having a Minister of Aboriginal Affairs which exists “to facilitate the development of policy and programs which deliver sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits to Aboriginal communities” and ONLY Aboriginal People. Again, Politicians bending over backwards to give Aboriginal People a leg up at the cost of everyone else. Isn’t this an act of discrimination against anyone who isn’t Aboriginal?

But it’s not just the Aboriginal people that are getting unfair treatment. Have a look at our immigration policies regarding what countries can have Working Holiday Visas into Australia. If you’re not from an Arabic Country or China, you will find it very difficult to get a Visa into Australia, and if you’re from Vietnam for example, it’s a flat-out no. Then when looking at more domestic issues, there’s all the support programs tailored to women focusing on Domestic Violence, Legal Assistance and counselling available during a separation/divorce and dealing with custody issues, which is extremely hard for men to have access to.

I have come to call this form of discrimination “Reverse Racism” or “Reverse Sexism”. Because it does not adhere to the Mainstream Media’s agenda towards Racism and Sexism it does not get the same coverage. But how to remove this form of discrimination from Australian Society? I think a good way to start is to stop labelling people. I saw a great post, not sure if it was Denzel Washington but his image was on it. It was titled “How to stop Racism” then had 2 quotes, “Black Man killed by Corrupt White Cop” and “Man Killed by Corrupt Cop” removing the labels on the race. The lesson to be learnt from this post was loud and clear. We need to stop labelling people and start treating each other as just people. But it goes further then that, I feel the reason so many people are hung up on Race and Sex is because our Politicians are. All the rules and regulations that we live by are all determined by the politicians and they have had a massive emphasis on Race for a long time, so its no wonder that the everyday people also have this focus when dealing with each other.

Is it time that any references in Australian Laws have all Race, Sex, Religion, Sexual Preferences removed from them? Isn’t it time for the government to start treating every person and every case purely based of the action of the people involved and not by their skin, where they are from or what religion they are?

Article by Travis Carter